• Playlist of Vertifight World available here
  • Rythmic it’s double-time World Champion!
  • Video Teaser of Vertifight World available online
  • Drew became Champion in Italy
  • Vertifight World will take place the 19th of October

Playlist of Vertifight World available here

Dj FredAir had published his official Vertifight World Playlist of songs, have fun!

9 DEER ft Madsolut – Nocturnal (Original Mix)
9 DEER — PRTY (Original Mix)
Alesia – H.T (Original Mix)
Alesia – Industriae (Original Mix)
Baambatta – Right On Head (Renosaurio Remix)
BassBully – Shake ya Boots
Basszilla – Don’t Fear The Beast (Original mix)
Boltt MgCr – Saefry(FCK URSLF Remix)
B†ron!k – Captor (Original Mix)
B†ron!k – Power up
B†ron!k – Soswag
B†ron!k – Stalker (Original Mix)
B†ron!k – The Messias (Drop U’ Bat Remix)
B†ron!k – The Messias (Original Mix)
Digitalchord – Super Super Starz (Original Mix)
Disaster – Alcatraz (Spellcastr Remix)
Disaster – Black Armada
Disaster – Brute (Original Mix)
Disaster – Mortero (Original mix)
Disaster – Nightmare (Le’ TechBass Bootleg)
Diskort – Push
Diskort – Satan Within Me (Original Mix)
Diskort Jump – Fuck (Original mix)
Dj Bruce – Rock and Roll
Dj Yoann C – Fuck I’m Crazy Electro ( Original Mix )
Dj Yoaan C – Godzilla Theme (Btronik Remix)
FUTR3 – 1Up (Heavygrinder Remix)
Gazburn Technology (Original mix)
Gtronic – Afterlight (LeKtriQue Remix)
Gtronic – Walk The Night
Gun Ready – Demolition (9 DEER Remix)
Gun ready – Demolition (Hyper Fucking Droper Remix)
Human Bastard – Black Gate (HumanBastard Remix )
Human Bastard – Thanatos (Original mix)
Hyper – Descontrol (BolttMC Remix)
Infectious – Push It (Original Mix)
Kroyclub – Burned out Remake
Kroyclub & Monophonique – Raw rave sound (Melek Mania Remix)
L’oice Dance – Bitch
L’oice Dance – Olds School
LeKtriQue & Seek N Destroy – Atomic
Lelo – Dog ( Work in Progress )
Lelo – Eboy (original Mix)
Le’ TechBass – The Time (Drop U’ Bat Remix)
Melek Mania – Mania (Original Mix)
Melek Manía – Gent (Original Mix)
Monophonique – Gustav
Monophonique – Shut It Down
Mr Murder – Last Of War (Renosaurio Remix)
Nibit – Countdown
O.▲.E.Я – Mad
O.▲.E.Я – Paradise (Melek Remix)
Partysmartie x O.▲.E.Я – Skull and Bones
PVLZO – Boom !
PVLZO – Never $top
PVLZO – Titty Bombs
Renosaurio – Age Of Rock (Original Mix)
Renosaurio – It’s Not Over(Original Mix)
Renosaurio – Fegelain (Original Mix)
Renosaurio – Phonophobia (Original Mix)
Renosaurio – The Mark Of Cain (Original Mix)
Renosaurio ft Melek Mania ft Yeyee Solano – Cosmic Space (Original Mix)
Ruztryx – Party on my world (Original Mix)
Ruztryx – Tass Bash (INF3CTIOUS ‘Short’ Remix)
Spellcastr – Wrah ! (Full Version)
Step Reddish & Mortex – Luke
Stereofunk – Captain Funk (Fukkk Off Remix)
T&F Drive To Dancepool (Original Mix)
Wolfgang Gartner – Ménage à Trois (Original Mix)
WiseLabs – Shredder (Original Mix)
Xavier Rudd – Message Stick (Your Ol’ Lady Remix)
Your ´Ol Lady – Triune (Disaster Preview)
Zelkips – Nebulosa (Spellcastr Remix)
Zelkips – Seven Ghost – (Original Mix)

Rythmic it’s double-time World Champion!

Rythmic Crew triumphs in Vertifight World Championship of Electro-Dance last sunday in Nanterre. The french team beating E-Hood, Aosta Free Moves, Electro Street and Les Braqueurs, clinches their second World title after the first success in 2010.

The team was composed by seven electro-dancers: Milliard, Goku, Ceriz, Naim, Fabien, Ramses and Ken.

Great surprise by Les Braqueurs who became Vice-Champion at their first ever event in Vertifight, they made it to the finals after beating C4 Junior, Bloodskillz, Team Canada and C4.

Judges of the event were Crazy from France, Brandon from Perù, Ivan from Spain, Celzidor from Romania and Antony from Italy.

Here the full results of the event
Rythmik vs. E-Hood = WIN Rythmik
C4 vs. Apollo XIII = WIN C4
Electro Street vs. Amnesia = WIN Electro Street
C4 Junior vs. Les Braqueurs = WIN Les Braqueurs

Electrodance Italia (Italy) vs. C4 (France) = WIN C4
Bloodskillz (Spain) vs. Les Braqueurs (France) vs. Team Canada (Canada) = WIN Les Braqueurs
In2Electro (Romania) vs. Electro Street (France) = WIN Electro Street
Aosta Free Moves (Italy) vs. Rythmik (France) = WIN Rythmik

C4 (France) vs. Les Braqueurs (France) = WIN Les Braqueurs
Electro Street (France) vs. Rythmik (France) = WIN Rythmik

Rythmik (France) vs. Les Braqueurs (France) = WORLD CHAMPIONS Rythmik

2nd World Champion of Electro-Dance Title for Rythmik
4th straight World Champion of Electro-Dance Title for France
For the first time 4 french Electro crews made it to the semifinals
2nd World Champion of Electro-Dance title for Naim, Milliard, Ken and Ramses
1st World Champion of Electro-Dance title for Goku, Ceriz and Fabien

Video of the final battle: Rythmik vs. Les Braqueurs

Video Teaser of Vertifight World available online

Schermata 2014-08-19 alle 11.56.23
It’s available online the first teaser of 2014 Vertifight World Championship. The event will take place in the city of Nanterre (France) next 19th October 2014, the access it’s free too dancers and spectators too, gates open at 12.00 AM.

The teaser it’s edited by Antony Rodella, official Vertifight Staff of Italy. The best pictures of the first three editions of Vertifight World are featured in this teaser.

Vertifight World Facebook Event: on.fb.me/1tcI9ol
Info on World Championship: Click here for all the details

Drew became Champion in Italy

verti19_promoDrew is the new Electrodance italian champion in 1vs1 category. The italian electrodancer, after winning in Greece in May, takes the prestigious italian title in the city of Aosta during Vertifight Italia 19 event.  Continue reading

Vertifight World will take place the 19th of October

foto flyer vertiworld4The 4th Edition of the Vertifight World Championship will take place next 19th October in the City of Nanterre, near Paris (France).

All the Electrodance’s teams of every country are welcome to compete in the championship and for the first time ever the access to the stadium will be totally FREE for dancers and spectators too. Inside all the infos…

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Mixtase is the new champion in Cameroon

The second edition of Vertifight Cameroon has been won by Mixtase,he beats Niko Miel during an exciting and incredible final in Yaundè.
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Marek wins Vertifight 6 in Czech Republic

Marek Winner Verti CZ 6
Marek Hojstrič, dancer and organizer of Slovak Republic, won the sixth edition of Vertifight in Czech Republic.

The events have took place in Prague with the partecipation of dancers from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Arzebaijan. Marek won the final beating Jeník.
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Jojo takes Vertifight Armenia victory

The second Vertifight Championship in Armenia was won by an Armenian dancer, Gevork Simonyan “Jojo” (Vertifight Armenia staff).

The day before a workshop was held with the help of the guests from Georgia: Albert Haroyan (Jess Milwaukee), Vahe Hakobyan, Robert Vardanyan.
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